Mission, vision and strategy

The Council represents the interests of biology in the Netherlands in matters concerning scientific research and academic education. The Council is the voice of biology towards the government, other scientific disciplines and external parties. In addition, the council communicates the importance of fundamental and applied research in biology to society. Members of the council include scientific directors of research institutes and departments of the Dutch universities with a broad biology educational programme, and of the national research institutes that have their core within the domain of biology (NWO, KNAW, and Naturalis). The Council acts independently.

Dutch biology research and education in their entirety are of world-class level and should remain so. Fundamental understanding of complex biological systems at the level of molecules, cells, organisms, and ecosystems is necessary to address today’s major societal challenges. Biology is crucial to our knowledge-driven economy and a driver of innovations. Biology education at universities must continue to develop in the context of advances in science, growing student numbers, and the great societal challenges, while maintaining the quality of the education. The Council is the point of contact for both the Dutch biological sciences and educational institutions, as well as the government, other scientific disciplines, and external parties.

The Council fulfils this mission and vision by providing internal interaction and coherence within biology. All its activities are based on broad support from the relevant institutions in the field, and interaction with them goes without saying. Coordination with respect to national and international developments is of great importance. The Council has an advisory and signalling role and safeguards the interests of biology in the Netherlands. It strives for an effective deployment of resources for the benefit of Dutch scientific research and academic education in biology.