Why a Dutch Biology Council?

Dutch biology is increasingly well organised. However, an umbrella organisation that stands up for the broad interests of (academic) biology was still missing. Biology research and education in the Netherlands are among the world’s best in their entirety and should remain so. The Dutch Biology Council aims to realise even better harmonisation between existing bodies and achieve cross-institutional plans.

Precision control of plant architecture: Colour intensity represents tissue-specific regulation of a plant hormone that controls development. Photo: Jesse Küpers
What we aim for

The Dutch Biology Council has the objective to safeguard the interests of biology in the Netherlands in the areas of scientific research and academic education. In addition, the Council communicates the importance of fundamental and applied research in biology to society. The council has an advisory and signalling role and strives for an effective use of resources for the benefit of Dutch scientific research and academic education in biology.

The pieces of the CRISPR puzzle fall into place. Photo: Stan J. Brouns
How do we do that?

The Council considers the gaining of support among stakeholders for its work of great importance and therefore always seeks contact with other organisations involved in biology,. The Council also continuously propagates the importance of biology to, for example, the central government. In doing so, the Council seeks to collaborate with partner organisations, like NIBI, NWO Round Table for Life Sciences, NIOZ, Naturalis, the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, the Westerdijk Fungal Biodiversity Institute and the Hubrecht Institute.

By accelerating and expanding basic biological research, we expedite meeting the great challenges of our time.

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