initiative STEM in Policy & Management

The initiative ‘Bèta in Bestuur & Beleid’ (BiBB) is developing various types of actions to bring the policy and science worlds closer together. Their long-term aim isto increase the number of STEM-trained politicians and civil servants. Their short-term aim is to convince politicians and public administrators of the profitable effectsderiving from associating with young STEM scientists. The main target group for the BiBB action lines are PhD students and PhD graduates, who are interested in policy making, but do not know enough about the working environment in public administration and politics, to consider a career in these fields. One of the action lines of BiBB is organising a STEM career day. The 2023 edition, taking place on 22 November, in the Trippenhuis in Amsterdam, is now closed for registration. Please, keep track of their website for their other activities.